This blog is powered by CustomizedGirl.com, where you can find some of these items for sale. See our About page for more.

We think “photoshopping images onto tank tops” is the new “painting oil colors onto stretched canvases”. This is our art form and we love it.

This blog is powered by Customized Girl, where you can find some of these items for sale. 

We think “photoshopping images onto tank tops” is the new “painting oil colors onto stretched canvases”. This is our art form and we love it. 

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions…

Do you sell these tees and tanks?

Some of them! Visit this link to see them!

When we first started out, we were mostly just finding awesome images online and putting them on tees and tanks. We don’t own the rights to any of those images, so it wouldn’t be cool to make money by selling that apparel.

However, we have started sprinkling some original designs into our posts. All of the original stuff has a grey badge in the upper right corner. We’ve partnered with Customized Girl to print these designs! Just click through those images and it will take you to a page on Customized Girl where you can buy that item.

If the post does not have a grey badge in the corner, that means it is not for sale. Sorrrrrry. We’re so sorry. But you know what would be awesome? What if we were able to partner with the person who owned that copyright? What if we could partner with, for example, the makers of The Powerpuff Girls? If they were in agreement, we could totally sell that tank top and then everyone would be happy! Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen until The Cartoon Network takes notice of little old us…

Can I submit my own designs?

Sure! You can find the submit option in our menu above. 

We tried to make it as simple as possible, so we’ve provided the blank t-shirt, tank top, and hot short images for you. In the submit page, follow the link to a blog post on Customized Girl. In that post you will find both JPEG and PSD (Photoshop) files. You’ll also find some instructions on how to use the Multiply and Masking effects within Photoshop, if you’re interested.

Why did you choose Customized Girl?

Well, first of all, Customized Girl sells all of the apparel we feature. They are a custom apparel retailer, which means they produce everything on demand. 

Here’s what’s really cool: you can customize all of the designs we sell. Just click through our image, and when you land on Customized Girl, you’ll see a big button that says “Customize This Design”. Clicking that button takes you to a design center where you can add your own text, art, and images. You can also change colors, fonts, sizes, and even put that same design on a different item (just use the “Swap Out Item” feature).

We think this design center adds extra value for our readers. Now, Customized Girl doesn’t do all-over-printing yet, but they’re working on it, so hopefully some day!

If you want to check out more things you can customize on Customized Girl check out these pages:

It also helped that my friend and I were working for Customized Girl at the time, but we never really expected it to take off. We created this blog on a lark. Eventually, we realized that we should fold this blog into our regular, everyday work tasks. So our little blog formed a partnership with Customized Girl and now we help each other out.

Hey, you used my artwork! Will you credit me?

Absolutely! Just drop us a note via the ASK feature. Sorry we didn’t credit you originally! When we started this blog, we tried to credit every single photographer and illustrator, but no one seemed to notice or care and it can be super time intensive to identify the original creator. We know that’s lame and we’re sorry, but we’d be happy to credit you if you let us know!